Membership fee of the society

The Society's membership fee is a fixed payment to support the activities of the organisation. The size of the membership fee was confirmed by the general meeting on the 15th of November, 2014.
The membership fees are:
  • Entry fee - 4 euros;
  • Yearly membership fee - 8 euros,
  • Reduced yearly fee for retirees and students - 4 euros.
The entry fee must be paid within a month of the decision of the Board to accept a member into the Society. The yearly fee has to be paid by the end of the current year. The yearly fee has to be paid for the year of entering the society.
The membership fee can be paid in cash during Society events or at the central office.
When paying at a bank or via the Internet, please specify in the "Purpose of payment" field the names and surnames of the people for whom the payment is made and the year (if it's a yearly membership fee).
The Lithuanian Geographical Society should be specified as the recipient of the payment:
Registration code: 191692171
Account number: LT067044060001190374
Bank: AB bank SEB
Confirmed by the General meeting of members on the 15th of November, 2014.