Join the community of geographers and people who are interested in geography - become a member of the Lithuanian Geographical Society!
Who can become members:
1. Every person 18 years of age or older, who agrees with the goals, rules of the Society, takes part in its activities and pays the membership fee.
2. Every legal entity, that agrees with the rules and goals of the society, takes part in its activities, pays the membership fee and does not engage in activities inconsistent with the goals of the Society.
3. Members are accepted in the Society when the Board of the Society (Board) receives a written request with personal information and contact data. The entry and membership fees are not regulated by the Rules - they are set by a separate decree of the General meeting of the members of the Society (Meeting).
4. Acceptance of members is decided by the Board. Membership must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Board. Potential members can take part in the meeting of the Board where their membership is decided, if no members object.
5. A person becomes a member of the Society, and receives all the rights described by the Rules, after paying the entry and yearly membership fees.
6. New members of the Society are entered into the list of Members and receive a Membership certificate.