Geography and Education

Geography and Education: Science Almanac is a periodical scientific journal that has been published annually since 2013.  The journal contains articles discussing the issues of geography and its education in relation to the geography education practice. The journal is of intra-disciplinary nature and contains articles not only of the social, physical, but also of other areas and fields of science the objects and methods of which are characterised by a clear geographic dimension (of history, literature, arts, sports, information technologies, etc.). 

The languages of the journal include Lithuanian, English, Russian, German, Polish and other. The papers must contain all requisite parts: the aim of the paper, object, methodology, findings and conclusions. The journal is open for new geography and education ideas and practices. In addition to problem-oriented articles, the journal also publishes various reviews and references. The articles are peer-reviewed. 

The journal practises double-blind peer review. The editorial board is comprised of scholars from different countries. The journal does not charge for article processing and submission.

The journal articles can be submitted in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages once a year. The journal encompasses not only research articles but reviews of monographs, defended PhD theses and conference proceedings as well. The journal also include memoirs by the university honorary scientists and public figures of Education science, there appear articles stimulating discussions.

In 2016 the journal was awarded an international standard number of an electronic serial. Since 2014 it has been included into databases:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The journal are licensed using CC_BY_SA license that allows others to distribute, modify and create new works, even commercially, by indicating the author of the primary source. The new work should contain the same license as the original work.

List of published volumes:

Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 11, 2023
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 10, 2022
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 9, 2021
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 8, 2020
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 7, 2019
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 6, 2018
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 5, 2017
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 4, 2016
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 3, 2015
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 2, 2014
Geografija ir edukacija, Nr. 1, 2013

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